Homeopathy medicine for Acidity

Homeopathy medicine for Acidity
Homeopathy medicine for Acidity
      What is Acidity
Acidity or acid reflux is a totally commonplace circumstance affecting many peoples . This circumstance is characterized by means of heartburn felt across the lower chest vicinity, that’s resulting from the belly acid flowing lower back up into the food pipe. Very few people recognize the unhealthy eating behavior and negative lifestyle selections that reason this situation.
How does acidity occur?

The meals we devour passes down the esophagus into the belly. The gastric glands in the stomach create acid that is necessary to digest the meals and to kill any germs. Acidity occurs whilst the gastric glands produce a huge amount of acid, more than what is wanted for the digestion procedure. This circumstance is characterized by a burning sensation just above the belly, or right below the breastbone (the hollow part).
This circumstance may be very common in India due to the heavy consumption of oily and highly spiced meals by way of Indians.

Homeopathy medicine for Acidity
Homeopathy medicine for Acidity

Who is prone to acidity?

People who are prone to acidity include:

  • those who overindulge in alcohol
  • those who are obese
  • those who often consume spicy food
  • those who often consume non-vegetarian food
  • those who take Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs(NSAIDs)
  • women nearing menopause
  • women who are pregnant

people who suffer from medical conditions such as diabetes, asthma, hiatal hernia, peptic ulcers, connective tissue disorders, or Zollinger-Ellison syndrome

What are the causes of acidity?

Acidity can occur:

  • due to unhealthy eating habits
  • due to certain foods consumed in excess
  • as a side effect of  medicines
  • due to existing medical conditions
  • due to other causes such as stress, lack of sleep etc.

What are the symptoms of acidity? How is acidity diagnosed?

The symptoms of acid reflux include:

  1. burning sensation in the stomach
  2. burning sensation in the throat and heart
  3. difficulty in swallowing
  4. regurgitation
  5. restlessness
  6. belching
  7. nausea
  8. prolonged sour taste in the mouth
  9. bad breath
  10. indigestion
  11. constipation

Homeopathy treatment for acidity?

Based in your situation, your doctor will prescribe drugs (inclusive of antacids) to counter the acidity. If the situation is just too excessive, he may additionally propose surgery (Vagotomy) to reduce the production of acid within the belly.

NUX VOMICAGood for almost all kinds of stomach troubles arising from improper eating habits.

CARBO-VEGHeartburn accompanied by belching, bloating, heaviness in the abdomen and chest, and difficulty in digesting even simple food.

IRIS: Effective when the symptoms of reflux are accompanied by a headache.

Natrum Carb: this will be used be used to alleviate the acidity because of reactions occurring within the food pipe. A calculated dosage of “natrum carb” helps in calming down the reactions that take place in the meals pipe and for this reason, relieves you from the ensuing discomfort.

Arsenicum album: this is used to deal with signs which include a burning sensation within the belly in conjunction with the food shifting up to the esophagus. This burning pain is felt all alongside the food pipe proper as much as the throat.


Healthy Tips for a healthy stomach:

  1. Keep away from smoking
  2. Avoid alcohol consumption
  3. Avoid oily, spices ingredients, speedy meals, junk ingredients
  4. Add more natural culmination and vegetables on your everyday diet
  5. Eat smart! Consume fairly. It’s miles higher to take a small often meal than to take a large meal.
  6. Visit bed minimal 1 hour after taking dinner. Walk around after dinner is better for your fitness.
  7. Drink minimal 2 to 3 liters of water every day
  8. Avoid past due night sleep / late night time television watching
  9. Practice workout & yoga regularly
  10. Do meditation regularly to hold your self-pressure unfastened
  11. Be always superb in attitude so as to hold your mind in a healthy country
  12. Avoid taking pain drug treatments (NSAID) if not significantly important

These are just a few of the usually used Homeopathic treatments and are referred to handiest to create focus approximately the effectiveness of Homeopathic medicines. It is not beneficial to lodge to self-remedy for any sickness.